Kyoto Trip: Daitokuji Temple

We continued our trip to another temple named Daitokuji. This Zen Buddhist temple was completed in 1913, which is made up of nearly two dozen sub-temples with different unique zen gardens. Only four of these sub-temples are open to the public, while others have temporary special openings. Some of the temples offer Zen meditation lessons. It is said that the Daigaran building, a designated National Treasure, and other important cultural assets, were donated to the temple by numerous important feudal lords. 
Daitokuji ticket booth near the main entrance


We didn't feel any desire to enter the many temples, so we just really spent our time meandering around the massive complex. But I noticed there seem to be quite a few people around. Entrance fee to Daitokuji Temple is ¥400 per adult. It is located at 53 Murasakino Daitokujicho, Kita-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8231, Japan.

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