Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a television broadcasting and observation tower in the Sumida District of Tokyo. With a height of 634 meters, it is the tallest building in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa (829.8 meters). There are two enclosed observation decks of Tokyo Skytree - Tembo Deck (350 meters) and Tembo Gallery (450 meters).

tokyo skytree tower
Tokyo Skytree Tower
outdoor terrace
outdoor terrace
Admission tickets can be purchased from the Skytree Ticket Lobby on the 4th floor. When we arrived, we were greeted with insanely LONG queues and it took us an hour to finally get to purchase our ticket (2,060 Yen) for the Tembo Deck only. 

tokyo skytree ticket counter
what you see here is just 10% of the people queuing up for tickets
tokyo skytree ticket counter

When we got into Tembo Deck Floor 350, it is covered in huge 5 meter-high glass. We had our first 360-degree view of the Sumida River and the city. We could see all around Tokyo for miles. They are stunning!

the view

the view

If you want your memories captured on film with the Tokyo Skytree miniature statue, a photo service can be found here.

photo service

tembo deck

There are 3 floors of Tembo Deck. Aside from the top floor observation deck that I've mentioned, there's the middle floor which has a souvenir shop and the Musashi Sky Restaurant, while the lowest floor features some glass panels on the ground from where you can look all the way down to the base of the tower.

tembo deck

Around the base of Tokyo Skytree lies Tokyo Solamachi, a shopping and entertainment complex with over 300 shops and restaurants. While walking nowhere in particular, we stumbled upon these cute shops such as Hello Kitty Japan, Meneki-Neko (Lucky Cat), MediCom Toy and Rilakkuma store.

hello kitty japan store

Meneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) store

MediCom Toy store

Rilakkuma store

I would suggest coming here at Tokyo Skytree as early as possible or right when they open. If you decide to go to the Tembo Galleria, tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Counter located on the Tembo Deck.


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