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Upon learning of Nay Gloria's death, we made a condolence visit at my sister-in-law's mother wake. Good thing, my sis-in-law was able to come home from Canada. After our visit, we traveled to The Podium and had a light snack at UCC Vienna Cafe located on the ground level. We had Berry French Toast Tower, Clubhouse sandwich, Kiwi Float and coffees.

But the wolfing down didn't stop there. My elder sister suggested to grab a dinner first before she heads to Laguna. We discovered Abe in Alabang Town Center and the food were surprisingly good. The restaurant served traditional Filipino food, mostly of Capampangan origin, and gourmet dishes inspired by Abe's travels around the world. Abe is the nickname of the late artist-writer, gourmet and bon vivant E. Aguilar Cruz. 

We had a feast consisting of Knockout Knuckles, Binukadkad na PlaPla, Sinigang Bangus Belly (Stewed Milkfish in Tamarind), Pinakbet Wen Manong, Chicken Adobado, Jasmine Steam Rice, Halo-Halo, Dalandan juice and Guyabano Shakes. The waiter was kind enough to change the super sweet Guyabano to Green Mango Shakes. And they also served a basketful of tasty white kropeck on our table while waiting for our food.

knockout knuckles P595
Sigang Bangus Belly P395
Chicken Adobado P390
Binukadkad na PlaPla P395
Pinakbet Wen Manong P265
Dalandan Juice P95/ Guyabano and Green Mango Shakes P105
Halo-Halo P125
I would highly recommend if you're ever craving some delicious Filipino dishes. The halo-halo tasted incredible. It was pretty much gorging bliss, to say the least.

Abe Restaurant
Lifestyle Strip, Alabang Town Center 
Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City
Phone: 623 0899 / 804 2148-49 / 917 550 6033
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday / 11 am – 11 pm
Seating capacity: 140

Till next time... toodles,

Toodles, until next time,
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