Zikmu Parrot by Philippe Starck

Pardon me if I bombarded you lovely peeps with food posts. Let's take a break and go to another topic. I couldn’t believe in a span of 5 months, HB already acquired 7 audio speakers. I’ve been telling him to stop buying so much of this stuff because we have a very small place. Anyway, I just decided to share it here. One of his latest purchase is The Zikmu Parrot by Philippe Starck in black. 

the zikmu carrying case looks like the carrying case of brass musical instrument
what's inside

I'll let HB do the explaining here. These wireless speakers are works of art with their sleek sculpted curves and towering presence .Each speaker stands almost 30-inches high and weighs 17lbs. The two speakers communicate wirelessly with each other allowing them to be positioned anywhere in the room. It supports Apple devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It offers a 360 degree immersive sound and crystal clear sound image, thanks to the NXT technology and control of all electrodynamics elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers.

I wish we also have this charming place :)
Zikmu Parrot by Starck was also featured in the video clips of Lady Gaga (Bad Romance), Rihanna (Russian Roulet) and David Guetta (Sexy Chick).

If you guys are looking for a nice audio speaker, you might want to consider this. The RSP is around US$1,600 but you can find great deals at Amazon. Or if you're lucky enough, reseller might be selling this on eBay at half the price. :) Of course, you have to check the benefits and drawbacks before purchasing it. I don't know anything about this sort of equipment but I know what a good quality sound is.

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