Welcoming Year of the Wooden Horse at Pan Pacific Manila

It only seemed right to ring in the Year of Wooden Horse in the Lunar calendar at Pan Pacific Hotel Manila. This was our second time staying at this hotel in the last two years. Our check-in was easy and quick unlike before.

hotel lobby
We booked the Pacific Suite King (P11,000) including complimentary buffet breakfast and dinner (GC). This room is a 60sqm suite with a king-sized bed, separate office and living area. The bedroom, living room and bathroom are equipped with flat screen cable TV. However, this room has a partially obstructed view due to hotel exterior. And I find the Pacific Suite a little bit dim compared to the Pacific King Room. Nevertheless, our stay was quite good.

Pacific Suite king-sized bed
living room
office area
Pacific Suite bathroom
cute plush puppies
Since it was Chinese New Year we definitely overindulged in as many different food offerings as we possibly could, not to mention the delicious pumpkin soup and fresh seafood. :tup

We also received a special ang pao filled with lucky coins and auspicious chocolates on Chinese New Year's eve. Thank you. :)

Highlighting the magic of Chinese New Year was the live traditional Lion Dance performance held at the foyer of the hotel. The lion and dragon dance is believed to bring good luck, good health and happiness. So Hb and I gladly absorbed all the positive vibes. :e

By the way, I apologize for neglecting my blog for more than a year. :( I'm just glad to be back now. Hopefully my blogging gallops like a sturdy racing horse this year. Neighhh! :)

Till next time... toodles,

Toodles, until next time,
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