A few fun things happened from our recent trip to Calbayog City. Three days honestly went by so fast and now we're back from our vacation! It gave us the opportunity to bond with my family. Three of my elder sisters together with their husbands went on a trip as well. It was lovely getting to catch up with everyone. (Just to let you know, we are not Calbayognon but I've grown to love this place over the past few years.) 

Upon descent into Calbayog Airport, HB and I were pleasantly surprised by the new project of the city. Having been to Calbayog a few times it was remarkable to see that some parts of the terminal are currently under renovation. Glad that they are replacing the smaller and super old existing terminal.

Here are some snaps of what we've been up to this past two weeks. As always our gracious host treated us with fresh seafood worth drooling over! Here are Kuya J's extraordinary decorating skills. See the leaves and tomatoes? hehe

Our host always takes us out to restaurants when we are in Calbayog, obviously we enjoy and indulge in it all. :) On Friday night we dined out at Cafe Elsa located on the lobby level of Ciricaco Hotel.

I was quite content that I had chosen such a capacious top and my huge bag to hide my bursting belly. :)) My elder sister Ate V (not Vilma Santos okay, haha) was wearing a nice and sexy purple dress converted into a top from Zoa, a nice boutique found in the fashion district of Manhattan.

Our monochromatic outfit: :)
Me:Old Top, Pants from Bangkok, Wedge Flip Flops Tory Burch, Bag Prada
Ate V: Top/Dress Zoa,  Black Leggings Gifted, Bag Liz Claiborne, Watch Gucci

On early Saturday morning, we took a mini road trip to Mary Consolatrix of the Eucharist Monastery to attend the 6:30 mass offered for our parents and other special prayer requests. I was a little surprised because the open-air church made of boughs was completely gone. They built a new, much larger church made of bricks next to the original one. 

new church

old church

Much to my delight, my eldest sister Ate M introduced us to the head of the monastery, Sis. Mary Francis who warmly welcomed us. And by stroke of good luck she asked for our birthdays including our husbands. Yay! (I blogged about the Mary Consolatrix of the Eucharist Monastery before, you can find it here.)

After mass, we had breakfast at Jollibee. And took our time wandering around the city and decided to head over to Magsaysay Blvd. Extension to see the New Calbayog City Integrated Public Market and Bus Terminal which is still under construction. I was too lazy to get out of the car and snap some photos, so I just grabbed these pics from Carl Bayog on Facebook for you to see.  I've also heard that the Robinsons Mall will soon rise in Brgy. Rawis occupying about four hectares.

I've been wanting to check out the Bangon and Tabokno Falls replicas and fortunately it's just on the side of the road. But it's definitely smaller than I expected. I had barely noticed it until HB pointed it out to me as we drove past.

Bangon falls replica

I hope they spruce it up a bit, add more colorful lights at night to illuminate areas for better viewing and make it more appealing. Put a huge signage perhaps and provide information for visitors and locals. After all, these waterfalls are the crown jewels of Calbayog. Just a suggestion.


Toodles, until next time,
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