Over the weekend HB and I celebrated Christmas at The Bellevue Hotel Alabang. Familiar ornaments such as glittering Christmas trees and wonderful stairway decorations could be seen in the hotel. Plus tempting holiday cookies and cakes found at Pastry Corner really started to put me in such a festive mood.

They got us upgraded from Executive Suite Main Wing to Executive Suite Tower Wing because our room wasn't ready yet and we waited for like half an hour to check in. But I wasn't really that excited because we've stayed in this type of room before (click here). Maybe next time they can upgrade us to Premier Suite or Presidential Suite. Choosy! haha Kidding aside, I'm grateful for their positive and quick response to our complaint. That's what you call service!

In the evening, we were not able to meet and greet the big guy Santa at the lobby because were too busy having our dinner in our room. We did a plated meal because I'm not really into buffet and I missed my favorite salmon so much.

Here's our simple Christmas Eve dinner.

As usual HB had Mushroom Pork Chops.

And of course my super favorite Salmon A La Grenobloise. I actually kept munching on this until there was none left. haha

And lastly, our dessert - Mango Crepe. I would describe this as sinfully delicious!

To cap off Christmas Eve, we had a simple late night snack. Initially, we planned to order another round of food but HB overslept and woke up around 12:00 already. So we only had ensaymadas. :)) Good thing, I was able to buy some of these early in the afternoon before we went up to our room.

If you're a frequent visitor to Pastry Corner, you are probably well acquainted with their pastries and snacks. They make the most delish cheese and chocolate ensaymadas. I have discovered that my favorite way to eat this is with a refreshing iced tea which can also be purchased there.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Hi June! looks like you had a pampered Christmas. The salmon looked delicious.. :)

  2. Wauw, I am impressed, the room look very spacious and the food seems good.



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