Recently CNNGo has dubbed Taipei, Taiwan as one of Asia's most sinful cities for indulging gluttony. I'd say it's probably because the city is a "street food mecca" where inexpensive and delectable food is available around the clock.

shaved ice is one of the most common delicacies sold at the shaved ice stores

Nail salons are famous here. They have all these cute nail designs.

Most often you will see cute pets on the street.

Hello Kitty is everyone's favorite feline here and is found in a wide variety of consumer products.

Pretty little things.

The Taiwanese 7-Eleven convenience store is literally everywhere. If I'm not mistaken, in Ximending alone there are seven branches.

some delicious goodies we bought from 7-Eleven in Taipei

Numerous night markets are so bustling with all of the touristy craziness.

stinky tofu

Ximending is known for a variety of lively entertainments and activities especially at night.


an amazing artist selling many of his airbrush paint masterpieces

So that's it folks. I do hope you enjoy reading my Taipei entries as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. do u realize the 7 eleven outlet is always at the corner?

  2. hi wenn,

    oh, that's right. glad you point that out.

  3. Hi June! Sorry for the absence, but the season has been too busy here in Lisbon...

    Never been to Taipei; but this post makes me hungry... ;)

    Blogtrotter Two is gone to Corsica... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

  4. Taipei is one of the best tourist spot in Asia.. Love those photos.. I wish I could visit Taipei one of these days.. :)


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