As promised here is the follow-up story on our Chinese New Year celebration.

After my late Starbucks lunch (HB was still full), I actually slept all afternoon and woke up fully rested and rejuvenated. We got ready to take part in the Chinese New Year dinner feast at Corniche Restaurant located on the lobby level of Diamond Hotel.

The buffet spread offers a variety of food composed of Asian, Western, Japanese, salad and dessert stations. Sorry guys for the food overload. But I hope you are all ready to salivate! :)

Having numerous delectable dishes in front of me certainly did not help the decision making easy. My goal was to chow down all of the food offerings (sounds gluttonous hehe) but I knew my tummy wouldn't allow it! *boohoo*

Since Chinese believe food can influence one's fortune, two kinds of tikoy (glutinous rice cakes) were served for a healthy dose of luck and prosperity.

I tried and fell in love with the Black Chicken soup with sothanghon (glass noodles). This is a healthy soup. And yes, noodles for longevity!

Of course, seafood section is the favorite spot of HB.

And the appeal doesn't end at the seafood entrees. We also treat ourselves with a variety of delectable desserts for a richer and sweeter life.

I wasn't able to see an ice cream section but right after I finished my meal the nice lady server had asked me if I wanted a cup of ice cream. But I politely declined.

Oh, by the way beverages were not included. We ordered watermelon shake and refillable iced tea. These cost us around Php500+.

Aside from getting too much food, Corniche dining room definitely struck me with its glassy and classy decor. It is quite spacious and lights also added coziness to the venue.

The fusion of glass and metal "Migrating Birds" that hang from the ceiling was definitely captivating. So I just allowed my eyes to become so fully engulfed that I even forgot to take a picture.

The evening grew increasingly festive, and the dining room quickly fills up with celebrators. Friends and families gathered around to enjoy a warm and blissful festivity!

These cute rabbit stuffed toys with hearts on display also caught my attention.

And speaking of hearts, it's Valentine's Day today. So, Happy Heart's Day Everyone! Whether you're celebrating it with your special someone or even just your family, hope you'll enjoy this day! As for us, we don't really go out to celebrate this occasion. It's too commercialized nowadays. But I'm super elated that I've got a new Sony Nex-5 DLSR camera from HB. I love it and can't wait to use it. Thank you dear!

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  1. Hey June, So exciting pictures...how great that event must be! Have you ever visited India? You'll enjoy a lot!

    I have a bunny theme nail art in my blog- for this Chinese new year! hope you like it :)


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