After Metersbonwe, we happened to pass by Zara, the Spanish clothes brand and decided to look for some clothing, but held no great hopes if we could buy something.

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There were so many people mostly women taking advantage of the sale, HB and I dazedly wandered the shop. (Unfortunately, we were pretty occupied that we forgot to take photos of the store.) I was a bit desperate since we spent our days window shopping fruitlessly. Even HB was looking hard enough to unearth some casual tops for me, something he doesn't normally do. (I think he was in a good mood that day).

Zara had a more diverse collection. I had seen a couple of shirts and blouses that I like, but none of them fit for my size. (I'm fat, I know, but not that fat! hahaha...) Most of the sizes left were extra-small and small. I wish I'm still a slim-figured teenager. I had a total recall where I often bought some of my tees in the "children clothes section". :)

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to snag a bargain. I got this striped long sleeve shirt at half the price. I realized if I paired it with jeans it would be perfect, right?


And another winter beanie hat!


Zara offers men's clothing as well, which is located on the second floor.

Then we had a quick stop at the flagship Uniqlo (just across the street) and Me & City, perused the clothing but no luck there.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. nice collection of clothes there.

  2. why is zara in nanjing lu looking so posh?!

  3. Agree, the shirt goes well will a jeans! Nice

  4. Seeing a Zara shop, I come to remember my daughter who loves her Zara clothing pieces.

    Sad for you that you didn't find much to shop!

    Attractive place it is anyway!

  5. I saw that brand too here and I just realise it is a Spanish brand.

  6. I always shop at Zara. I like the shirt you bought.

  7. Interesting designs. I think this could be good for winter get up.

  8. Hi June, thanks for the visit!

    It's funny, I always thought China was a communist country? Zara looks pretty capitalistic to me.... I guess they want their cake and eat it too.

    Enjoy the shopping!

  9. heyya, thanks for dropping by!
    I really love traveling ^^
    U hv a beautiful blog here~~~


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