This post is a bit overdue since it's now the last week of March. Anyhow, I still have to share this with you guys. :)

Despite the fact that there was no countdown event and no spectacular fireworks display that would cap the festivity, locals and tourists nonetheless congregated in the plaza of Nanjing Lu.

the empty plaza was somehow beginning to fill up


Perhaps most of them had no idea that the New Year's Eve final countdown was to be held at the Bund.

It wasn't the most exciting of New Year's Eve, but it was alright.




One thing that surprised me when some of the crowds started to send red paper lanterns into the sky. Looking at these beautiful flying lanterns glow as they silently drifted up into the air was just awesome. They were like little pieces of art.

(photo source:

Our photographs and video don't do justice to the beauty of the Sky Lanterns, so here's a photo from the web just to let you know how it looks like.

It is a belief that the Sky Lantern is a symbol of peace, good fortune and letting go of all worries.

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  1. Maybe there wasn't a countdown or fireworks, but watching those lanterns rise up would have had to be a special moment. I like the idea of the symbolism with it.

  2. Love the photo of the lanterns - very cool :)

  3. it's not overdue though... i still have ton of old travelogues waiting me to write :) well if each of the family in china send a lantern to the god... i think soon the world will disappear ><

  4. Hi arlene,
    yeah, i like the idea, too. thanks for dropping by.:)

  5. Hi hotel bedding,
    thanks. however, i don't own that photo. ;)

  6. Hi fufu,
    hahaha... that is so true. with china's tremendous population growth that's most likely to happen.

  7. Hello Jasper,
    Long time no hear! It's nice to see a comment from you again and I hope that you'll get back to writing.


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