There are available shuttle bus transfers from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the city center. We walked through the long corridors to get to the exit, and we found the bus lines on the first floor. Don't worry, there are many clear signs showing the way to the bus station. (no pics of bus lines).

facade of Shanghai Pudong International Airport


Several bus lines are serving different areas of Shanghai. It was easy for HB to figure out what line to take. We queued at line no. 2 going to City Air Terminal (Jingan temple) and hopped onto the bus with a group of locals. We bought the ticket when we got on board. I'm just not sure if the bus conductor speaks English. HB was talking to him in Mandarin.

Shuttle bus is definitely cheaper than taxi or Maglev train. You could save more than half the taxi fare. It's a non-stop ride and travel time is approximately one hour. Ticket costs 19 Yuan per person. I suggest you do this if you're on a budget. From City Air Terminal (Jingan temple), we took a taxi to Howard Johnson Huaihai hotel. We paid 15 Yuan for a 15-minute ride.

If you are in a hurry, another option is the Maglev Train (Magnetic Levitation Train). The 30-kilometer trip takes about 8-minutes. The round trip ticket cost 80 Yuan (economy) and 160 Yuan (VIP). The one way ticket cost 50 Yuan for economy and 100 Yuan for VIP (rates as of Jan. 2010). Passengers with current day flight ticket can buy a one way ticket of Maglev Train at 20% discount. (see more photos)

Maglev Train


inside the maglev train (economy)

shanghai 2010

Regrettably, I didn't take time to snap a picture of the World Expo when we passed by the Nanpu bridge. We were seated in a cramped bus, middle aisle back row. haaay... We just looked with awe. Anyways, here's a video of how it looks like.

Shanghai 2010 World Expo Official Preview

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo will start on May 10, 2010 to October 31st. Their goal is to attract the participation of 200 countries and international organizations and 70 million visitors. Meanwhile, expect hotel prices to skyrocket during this period. As of this time, it appears most of the hotels have been fully booked. If you're planning to visit, I just hope you had made a reservation ahead of time.

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  1. wow.. that is amazing indeed!!!

  2. How interesting to visit such event. :)

  3. interesting! i hvn't been to shanghai yet.

  4. The airport looks magnificent!! And the places here like the train station looks very clean. Travelling in 8 mins for 30KM is real fast!!

  5. They say World Expo is the next largest international event held in China after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Would like to be there during that time but very unlikely...


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