Within the Grand Hi-Lai hotel complex is the largest and famous Hanshin Department Store. We decided to have our lunch first before going to Kaoshiung International Airport.

As we entered the Food Court located at the basement level of the building, I immediately noticed several booths serving varied offerings of bento meals. I completely craved for it.

The bento meal that we ordered had many small dishes divided into two compartments. It also came with an enticing miso soup. The food was light, pleasantly seasoned and incredibly satisfying.



Since we still had a lot of free time before our scheduled departure, hb spent his time at Kinokuniya Bookstore, while I popped up once in while.

I saw this Hello Kitty dictionary on the rack.


I kept myself totally immersed checking out the products at Jasons Market Place. Bought some cookies, chocolates and a large canvas shopping tote bag.

I like this. Crunchy and yummy!



The display of several glass candy jars and chocolate showcases were visually appealing. So, I bought a few bags of chocolates in bee/bug like creations. A bit expensive though.


Mistaken Identity:
After I paid for it, the smiling middle-aged woman handed the package and asked me in Japanese, "ANATAWA NIHON-JIN DESU KA?" (Are you Japanese?). I understand what she said but I didn't say a word. I just smiled back at her and shook my head. I could have answered her in Japanese but I was afraid she might start a conversation as I only know a little of Nihongo.  (FYI, I studied Japanese language for one semester only as one of my elective subjects during my sophomore year. I'm proud to say, I am one of my professor favorite students.) ;)

The Hanshin Department Store is filled with high-end brands located on Chenggong Road, next to Kaohsiung Harbor. If you're coming from Kaohsiung Railway Station, take No. 100 bus and get off at the Hanshin Department Store stop.

Hanshin store photo by Taiwan Travel Map

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. I used to be asked by the Japanese whether I'm Japanese or not when traveling Europe. I learned to say "Nihon-jin Dewa Arimasen" (I'm not a Japanese)

  2. hanshin is a japanese department store based in osaka actually... i used to go shopping there when i was in osaka, japan

  3. Hi Asian Traveller! Long time no see... I imagine you're travelling and shopping... Loved to see the pictures!

    There is a weird bridge waiting for you and your comments at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  4. love chocs

    A smile from SJ =)


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