Ancol Dreamland Part 2 of 8

We were walking along the road when we only had a fleeting glimpse of Atlantis Water Adventure. This area is a family recreational center known for different type of marine sports and recreation like water cycles, canoes, sail boats, fishing gear and a lot more. But we decided to move ahead to the next place.

Atlantis Water Adventure
on our way to seaworld

I was drop dead tired and sweating like a pig with weathered face when we arrived at Gelanggang Samudra. Walking in excruciatingly hot weather could definitely result in agonizing torture. I never imagined that we had to walk a country mile just to reach our destination. Phew! We should have ridden the Gondola cable car. Hb is so used to walking. I am not. I regretted our decision totally.

Under the shade of trees we sat quietly down to rest. After a couple of minutes, we went on and followed the paved trail as it wends down its way to Gelanggang Samudra, which is just located next to SeaWorld Indonesia.

SeaWorld entrance

We decided to make our way first to SeaWorld, the first underwater facility in Indonesia with thousands collections of Indonesian tropical marine life. We paid Rp 30,000 each for the admission ticket.

ticket counter
school children waiting for their turn
gift shop

Inside are displays of diverse marine aquarium (saltwater), fresh water aquarium, Dugong and Shark aquarium.

What delighted me more is the Holoquarium. As soon as we soaked our hands deeper into the tank of water, tiny Dr. Fish swarmed around and started to nibble gently and scraped off the dead skin. Since it was my first time to try I was a bit nervous that it might hurt, but it soon turned into a chuckle of amusement. It really has a unique tingling sensation. And hb seems to have gained more devoted admirers compared to me. Hmm, does it mean... hahaha... Kidding aside, there's only one thing that concerns me though if these are really sanitary.

Another one interesting aspect of SeaWorld is the Piranha Aquarium. This fish is known for being a voraciously carnivorous.

There's also a unique facility located on the second floor where all the fishes and other sea animal can be seen in an actual size through the window. The main tank's capacity is 5 million liters of sea water which is taken from the Jakarta Bay and it has been filtered and sterilized before flowed to the main tank.

main tank

Another features of SeaWorld are the Antasena Tunnel (an 80-meter walk-through acrylic tube with conveyer), and a theatre that screens sea life-films and are played daily in English and Bahasa language.

SeaWorld Indonesia isn't really big if compared to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. But some people said it is better in comparison to UnderWater World, Sentosa Island in Singapore. However, I can't vouch for this as I haven't been able to visit the oceanarium at Sentosa Island.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. From your photos, it is almost the same as the one in Sentosa Island in Singapore

  2. It's a pity that you had to walk that long. But I bet,it was worthwhile after seeing those beautiful Indonesian attractions you shared here.
    Wonderful aquariums!

  3. Wishing you a fantastic weekend! Take care!

  4. Hi Asian Traveler! Better than Sentosa? It must be great; I remember how I enjoyed Sentosa... There is one Oceanarium in Lisbon; I think it's fabulous... ;)

    Blogtrotter has a nice lunch location for you. Enjoy, comment and have a great weekend! I’m having the benefit of the holidays in Portugal this week... ;))

  5. it's always hard to take nice pictures in the aquarium ><

  6. I enjoyed the Oceanarium in HKG Ocean Park. Incidentally the cleaner guy was inside the huge aquarium, so that was an added attraction that time.

  7. ur pic more or less helpful to me cos thought of bring my little one there nxt mth but question to ask :Is the plc u think for wheelchair user assessable cos my hubby on w/chr.. zila

  8. Hi Zila,

    I had seen one guest on wheelchair. But I hadn't really noticed if it's a wheelchair user friendly place.

    Just to be sure, please contact first the ancol dreamland office before you decide. I hope this will help. Enjoy. :)

    Here's the contact info:
    Cordova Tower,
    Jl. Pasir Putih Raya Blok E 5
    Jakarta 14430 INDONESIA
    Telp. : (62-21) 645 3456, 645 4567
    Fax. : (62-21) 647 10502
    Email :

    Contact Person :
    CS Dunia Fantasy : (021) 64712000
    CS Atlantis/Gelanggang Samudra/Taman Pantai : (021) 64711111
    CS Dept. Marketing : (021) 64713177, 6403249/50
    CS Putri Duyung : (021) 2601680


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