Here's a guide to the Top 15 Asia's Most Visited Tourist Attractions I found on the web. We were lucky enough to have visited some of these places and it did live up to our expectations. Try to visit these exciting attractions if you'll have the chance to travel to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

Rank No. 2 - China: Great Wall of China, Bandaling

Rank No. 3 - CHINA: Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Rank No. 4 - JAPAN: Nagashima Spa Land

Rank No. 5 - Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

Rank No. 6 - Japan: Universal Studios, Osaka

Rank No. 7 - China: Forbidden City, Beijing

Rank No. 8 - KOREA: Everland, Kyonggi-Do

Rank No. 9 - CHINA: Mount Tai (Taishan), Tai'an

Rank No. 10 - Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars

Rank No. 11 - TAIWAN: Kenting National Park

Rank No. 12 - JAPAN: (tie) Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Rank No. 12 - HONG KONG: (tie) Ocean Park

Rank No. 14 - CHINA: Ming Tombs, Tianshou Mountain

Rank No. 15 - HONG KONG: Hong Kong Disneyland

source: forbestraveler

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  1. and none from the philippines! sigh!

  2. I was wondering why there is no mention of any place of India ? Is India not a part of Asia or it does not figure in top 15 places ?

    Could you pls give me the site's url ? I also want to see it. Thanks.

  3. What a shame. I never been to any of those top 15 attractions

  4. Hi Jasper,
    Sad to say none from the Philippines. Our country has plenty of amazing sights to offer but we still remain very low on ranking. The reason maybe due to lack of tourism budget and competitiveness compared to other Asian countries.

    Hi Cuckoo,
    India is part of Asia. It just didn't make it into the top most visited tourist site. Please click the source.

    Hi Borneo,
    Who knows, you might have the chance to visit all the above mentioned attractions. :)

  5. I got to four last year (Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs) when I spent a week in Beijing at the end of a transmongolian railway trip. The others will have to be later ;)

  6. julius almont r. peredoApril 29, 2009

    just new here...
    i've been to hong kong ocean park, victoria peak, avenue of the stars and disneyland... those places are so cool! i wish i could go to beijing...

  7. Travelgirl StarzSeptember 11, 2010

    Haw i've never been to any of those attractions either but i live in Australia NSW so i've seen the big bannana the big smoothie and the harbour bridge in sydney!!!


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