After our amazing China trip (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing), it was time for our return flight home to the Philippines. At Shanghai Pudong International Airport, we were surprised to get a free wireless Internet access inside Terminal 2 across the passenger halls.

waiting halls
drinking water machine
phone booths

In addition, there are also free dispensing cold and hot water automatic machines with disposable paper cups found on the sides of the waiting halls. Public phone booths are also dispersed on different sites.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Our China trip has finally come to an end and this is the last update. I hope you've enjoyed reading my articles and have learned something new.:)

    I'd like also to extend my special thanks to Borneo Falcon from Malaysia and Blogtrroter from Portugal for always leaving a note on my page. These are also talented individuals with many amazing stories to tell. So, guys if you have the time, please visit their blogs.

    I’ll be taking a three-day off from blogging in observance of Semana Santa or Mahal na Araw (Holy Week).

    Next week, I'll be blogging about Davao City, Philippines.

  2. I'm a Chinese but never made it to China. I had seen some great places from this blog. Even this airport impress me.

  3. Hi june,

    I have enjoyed following your updates and I'll be waiting for your next adventure - Davao! :)

    trixie from QC

  4. Have a reflective Good Friday! God bless!

  5. hi sis! how'r u? long time no see! glad to see that your site is doing fine, as usual with beautiful updates! keep it up!!


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