April 2, 2009

In the morning, we took a side trip to Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province in China. Fortunately we got the "Soft Seat" round trip ticket (112 Yuan one-way per person from Shanghai). We found out later that getting a soft seat ticket will usually get you into a "soft seat lounge" as well. The soft seat lounges in Shanghai have nice and comfortable sofas, very orderly with television monitors and are not as crammed full as the hard seat lounges.

the soft seat lounge in Shanghai for passengers going to Nanjing

the entrance and a convenience store
an attractive aquarium inside the soft seat lounge
a lady attendant calling for boarding passengers

Nanjing is situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and is the central city of the lower Yangtze Basin. It is 300 hundred kilometers northwest to Shanghai. It took us approximately 2 hours and 13 minutes by bullet train. I found Nanjing surprisingly a very large city with wide roads and highways, plenty of greenery, lakes and beautiful natural scenery. It's a modern city with a very rich history.

near the railway station

one of the large parks that we passed by

There are two things that we found interesting to visit in Nanjing; The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and Dr. Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum. However, due to unanticipated time constraint, we regretted not being able to explore more of these sights.

We just found out that these two popular places of interests and attractions in Nanjing can be found in different far-flung areas. So we felt rushed and spent most of our precious time on the road. Had we known beforehand, we would've come earlier or stayed for at least one night.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Dropping by from a rainy day in Brisbane!

  2. There are some nice sculptures at the massacre memorial hall. My friend took some photos there

  3. Hi Borneo Falcon,
    I'll be posting more about the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. But we were not able to go inside as we only had very limited time.

  4. Nice post.

    Feel free to visit for Turkey

  5. Hi Asian Traveler! Nanjing is on my list for China; so thanks for the tips!

    Now, one week working without coming here and you don’t even remember that
    Blogtrotter still exists. But it’s there, even if India 2008 has come to an end… ;)). Have a great weekend!

  6. this is great! great shots. :)


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