April 6, 2009

Next we headed to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum, a famous site located at the southern foot of Purple Mountain. It houses the remains of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the great revolutionary forerunner of China. Again, because of our very limited time we had a quick stop, just enough to take a few snapshots at the entrance gate of the mausoleum.

Then we were back on the same taxi, heading to Nanjing Railway Station. As we passed by this haven of trees and lush greenery surrounding the hills, we began to realize that Purple Mountain is home to many of Nanjing's historical sights and attractions including the Linggu Temple, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and Purple Mountain Observatory.

all these pictures were taken from a moving cab :)

I kept looking nervously at my watch as the clock was ticking close to our scheduled departure time. Eventually we arrived at Nanjing Railway Station, which is the important hub of railways linking north, east and central China.

Nanjing Railway Station

The station has facilities including information desk, restaurants, baggage lockers, stores and taxi line. The signs are both written in English and Chinese, which is very helpful to get around the station. But the whole place was teeming with passengers, so we still went rushing around until we arrived at the waiting area just in the nick of time to board the bullet train back to Shanghai. Phew!

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures. I love the picture above the railway station.


  2. Great pics, it's as if we're travelling with you.


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