December 8, 2008

We took the subway and alighted at Ximen station (exit 1), which is right at the heart of Image Hosted by ImageShack.usXimending, one of the famous and the most vibrantly colorful street scene that symbolizes urban Taipei life. This is recognized as one of the most fashionable places and it is said to be similar to Tokyo's Shibuya.


There are over twenty theaters, many tea houses, cafes, restaurants and thousands of various trendy and quaint shops sprouting like dandelions everywhere that attract large numbers of young consumers. It is a widely held area for small concerts, movie advertisements, and street performances (the only area in Taipei licensed for street entertainment). If you're lucky you might see your favorite Taiwanese actors and actresses here doing some promotional activities and autograph sessions.

a stream of crowds pouring into the lively street

Walking along the streets, there were many young workers holding signs and handing out flyers for their shows and businesses to the public. The streets were crowded and the movement of traffic would often grind to a halt. After walking for about an hour, we stopped for a scoop of ice cream at Haagen-Dazs and rested for a bit. Then we drifted again through the crowd making our way back to the subway station. The place is very interesting but I think there are still heaps of lanes and alleys that we did not explore.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. have u tried the donuts from Mister Donuts at Xi Men Ding? they are so yummy! and i missed the breakfast tt is sold along the streets of XMD early in the monrning..

  2. Is this the entertainment district of Taipei?(just curious)
    It looks like a vibrant place during the day, more so at night. I could not imagine the temptation this place brings to shopaholics.

  3. This place is alive and vibrant. Looks like need 1 full day to fully appreciate this place

  4. that's a very very busy street. i love places like that. i can walk there for hours.

  5. Wow, very cool, 20 theaters in one area?

  6. Hi FoodieGymmie,
    So, there's Mister Donut at Ximending. Too bad, we haven't seen one. We just had an ice cream at Haagen-Dazs.

    Hi AC,
    Yes Ximending is the entertainment and major shopping area where you can find the latest trends.

    Hi Sheng,
    Yup, there are over 20 theaters and it is Taipei's main movie theater district.

  7. wow so crowded, yet the streets look very clean! thanks for sharing, nice pictures!

  8. ya,,, so crowded!! Nice place to go!!

  9. yeah... there is. you can read my reviews on my taipei trip, more on the food. :)



  10. is it hard to get visa in taiwan?

  11. Hi jasperjugan,
    Welcome back!:) Getting a visa was easy for us. And I think, you probably won't have a hard time time getting it especially you've been to U.S. Just prepare all required and necessary documents. You can check out my post here re the Taiwan visa requirements.

  12. Nice photo shot of the street scene. Ximending looked so lovely now. I bet you have a great time shopping there.


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