November 3, 2008

omputers. Laptops. Videos. Mobile Phones. These are just some of the electronics and gadgets that you will find in Guanghua Hua Digital Plaza, located on the corner of Xinsheng North Road and Shimin Highway. We happened to drop by to this place since it was just near the San-Pu Antiques Market.

the Guang Hua Digital Plaza
cute inflatable giant e-doll on the main door
people outside the mall waiting for the doors to open

The well-known and old Guang Hua Market was demolished last 2006, and all the shops have moved to the new Guang Hua Digital Plaza. This plaza is an indoor six-story building that has a wide range of technological and electronics. They sell everything you can think of with selection of the latest and greatest products.

exhibition area on the ground floor
electronic and gadget stores on the upper floors

First floor is an exhibition area and food court. Second to Fifth floors are the myriad of shops queue up to sell you electronics and gadget items. The Sixth floor houses product repair centers.

So, if you're a computer and gadget buff then look no further. There are aplenty to explore at Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taipei, Taiwan. For the lucky ones, who knows you might find fabulous deals and special offers here.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. My hubby would surely love to visit this digital shop... hmmm, and I am gonna have a bad headache...

  2. i know somebody who would think of this place as a piece of heaven. i would probably get lost in this place and leave empty-handed.:D

  3. Hooaa.... I would love this place!!! Gadget paradiseee......

  4. Mas mura ba dto sa Guang Hua kaysa sa Singapore? I bought dati my MP3 player sa Guangdong, super mura sya kse mga Chinese brands ang binibenta.

  5. perfect place for the techy people. nice wall design!

  6. the exhibition center looks so modern! very nice interiors. :)

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting.

    to Kegler 747,
    Asus and Acer brands are more cheaper here than Singapore. Guang Hua sell mostly branded goods.


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