Imagine four airports from Asia made it to the Top Five Best Airports in the World. This was released by Skytrax Company based in London, after judging more than 40 categories of airports. Here are the top 5 Best Airports:

Top 1: Hong Kong International Airport, China
It's no wonder that this airport has taken the top honors for seven years. It's easy to navigate and equipped with passenger-friendly amenities like free wireless Internet and a pay-to-use arrival lounge. Business and leisure travelers can also get to downtown Hong Kong quickly on an express train service. Other perks include plenty of shopping, a mix of regional and international eateries and a program that allows frequent visitors to clear immigration quickly.

Top 2: Singapore Changi, Singapore
The airport was built in 1981, and it has since added more terminals that cater to both budget and luxury passengers. The up-to-date services and amenities include an indoor orchid garden, a rooftop swimming pool, themed television lounges and a free sight-seeing tour for those who have at least five hours prior to their connecting flight.

Top 3: Seoul Incheon, South Korea
If the 72-hole golf course at this seven-year-old South Korean airport is any indication, your experience at Seoul Incheon will be both relaxing and enjoyable. Passengers can also take advantage of the on-site hair salon, a children's play room and a business center with overseas shipping. The airport's Web site even maintains a list of activities by the number of hours a passenger must wait. If you're within eight hours of a flight, try using the shower and massage services.

Top 4: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This airport has won several accolades since opening in 1998. In addition to ranking forth in Skytrax's World Airport Awards, it also ranked first on the company's list of airports with the best immigration service. While passengers are almost guaranteed a seamless arrival and departure experience, they can also enjoy free wi-fi, luxury shopping and reflexology and massage services.

Top 5: Munich, Germany
To this end, they offer miniature golf, a 60-seat cinema, and cosmetic and physiotherapy services, among other cutting-edge amenities. The airport also promotes aviation technology and history with educational experiences like behind-the-scenes tours and "kinderterminals," a touchscreen that allows children to learn more about how an airport works.


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  1. I have to agree that HK Airport is the best! I was amazed to find out they even have a train system inside the airport, the place is huge...

  2. hongkong and singapore airports always gather appreciations.

  3. I love HK and Changi (Singapore) airport too!!

  4. Hi sis! I must thank you on behalf of Singapore for naming Singapore as Top 2 best airport hehehe!

  5. wow, 3 are in southeast asia!

  6. @Eunice:
    hehehe, how I wish sis but it's not me. You should give credit to Skytrax Company who made this survey.

  7. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    HK and Singapore airports certainly would get my vote. Better than any airport I've been to in Australia (my home country), North America (the ones I've been to are simply terrible) and Europe (many are more like train stations from all the short trips). My favorite bit of HK is that you can check bags in, in central HK and then take the train back out to the airport with just your hand luggage - superb service.

  8. I didn't know that Seoul International had a golf course! But HKIA is really really nice. It's like walking through a mall waiting for your flight etc. Very nice.


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