The next day, our first stop was Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, the main shopping thoroughfare with a wide range of shopping preferences from fashionable to traditional such as clothes, home interiors, shoes, cosmetics, souvenirs and food.

Beijing Lu Road has huge department stores, small local set-ups, designer boutiques, restaurants and local food kiosks.Most stores here are open from 9am to 10pm.

Since this is a popular shopping area for locals and tourists, this pedestrianized road is usually packed with shoppers especially on the weekends.

Along the middle of the road is the excavated site of the historical layers of streets from different periods dating back to the Tang Dynasty (this was recently discovered in 2002). I was so amazed to see it up close. Absolutely remarkable experience! The site is now developed as one of the tourist attractions in Beijing Lu.

the excavated site roofed in clear glass

After a couple of hours wandering around, we decided to have some drinks at Happy Lemon. They have series of lemon, fresh tea, mousse spin, milk tea, classic teapresso and cocoa & espresso.

Toodles, until next time,
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