More than a month ago, we celebrated hb's birthday at Gumbo Restaurant in SM Mall of Asia. It was Sunday lunch time and we waited for 5 minutes before we had our seat. Upon entering the room, I noticed all the waiters wearing different colorful face masks and hats in Mardi gras style.

As soon as we were seated, our server immediately gave us the bread and dip on the house.

For main course, we ordered Pork Chop Petite (P225.00) and Pork Chop Grande (P425.00) served with two choices of side dishes (french fries, mashed potato, rice, mixed vegetables and coleslaw). The meal was over the top bold flavored fare with gargantuan serving sizes. For dessert, we tried Minnesota Mud Pie (P245.00) , a square block chilled of ice cream with chocolate cookie crust like. For drinks, we had Blue Banana (P135.00), Cookies 'n Cream (P135.00), bottomless iced tea (P70.00) and Coke (P55.00).

Pork Chop Petite
Pork Chop Grande
Minnesota Mud Pie
Blue Banana & Cookies 'n Cream

I found the waiters very attentive and helpful. This restaurant certainly offers convivial service. It was another gluttonous meal that Ailah, Aya, JP, hb and I thoroughly enjoyed. We had definitely made the right decision to visit here.

Toodles, until next time,
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