PART IX: The Red Theatre Kung Fu Show

Even though I'm a woman, Kung Fu or Karate is definitely my favorite movie theme ever since my childhood days. I don't know why but this is one thing that most fascinates me. Those forms in which sharp blows and kicks are applied makes me thrilled. That's the reason why I like also watching Mixed Martial Arts like Pride FC, UFC and K-1. Well of course, I can't hide the fact that I was also influenced by hb watching these shows. And I have to admit that I became a big fan of Fedor Emelianenko and Vanderlie Silva. These guys are modest in behavior but great fighters. I was also a Bruce Lee fan (the greatest icon of martial arts cinema during his days) and an admirer of Jet Li as well.

Oooops... what am I thinking? hehehe... Ok, ok let's go to the RED THEATRE. This show was included in the tour package. Tickets were provided by our tour guide. We came a bit late. The theater was already jam packed (big sigh), and we got our seats on the second floor back row. Waaaah...

The title of the show was CHUN YI: THE LEGEND OF KUNG FU. It is a martial arts dance performed by young men and boys. The story is divided into seven parts / scenes. It's about Chun Yi, a little boy, who entered the temple and after many years of hard training through practicing Kung Fu and Zen, he becomes a master. He was tempted but suffered a great remorse, and finally reaches the sacred goal of enlightenment.

Even though there were off-moments, the show was still good. It featured lots of vigorous style, kung fu fighting, tumbling moves and scintillating display of swordplay battles. There was a scene, where these young men grabbed some metal rod and smashed it on top of their head. (whew!) Indeed, these performers showed great routine and fantastic Kung Fu display.

(These pictures were taken from the brochure)

Pictures and videos were not allowed during the performance. But the fact, that most of the viewers were using their own digital and video cameras while the performance was going on, we had been tempted to take pictures, too. Well, I just took two shots during the curtain call.

After the show was over, the casts came out and lined up in the lobby. The audience had the opportunity to take photos with them, and that's what we did! We merged into the crowd that had gathered in eagerness to have pictures with these performers. Unfortunately, we didn't know that picture taking had a "5 to 10-minute" time limit only. But nonetheless, we still had the chance to interact with them.

These are my nephews whom I sent in China to study Kung Fu. just kidding

Look at hb playing around and trying to be a Kung Fu expert himself. mwehehehe...

44 Xing Fu Da Jie,
Chongwen District,
Beijing, China
(Across Tiantan Hotel)
SHOWS: Every evening at 7:30 PM

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Nice review, thanks I will make sure to see this show on my visit to beijing

  2. Hi, thanks for posting a comment. I hope you'll enjoy the show. :)


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