Anya Hindmarch Luxury Leather Stickers at Adora

I dragged HB to Adora in Greenbelt Makati and went ahead to Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop section on the second level. I was delighted to discover there were lots of stickers to choose from. These are cute permanent self-adhesive pull off back embossed stickers for handbag, purse, luggage or phone.

And finally, I got the Rainbow Heart Sticker in Pale Gold with the AH  logo detail for Php 3,550 which was my intention, to begin with. It's a little bit expensive though for a small sticker but worth it as it offers something a little bit different from your typical bag. It's more like embellishing or personalizing your own bag.

Created in collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of Chaos Fashion, the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop is a collection of luxurious leather stickers. These are designed to adhere to any surface permanently, so once they have been attached they cannot be removed.

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