Welcome, Ber-Months 2015!

Hey Lovely Peeps, I thought I was dreaming but it was real when I heard a Christmas song played over a morning TV show early this morning! As I glanced my phone, it reminded me of the date today, it's actually the first day of the “Ber” months, and it kicks off in SeptemBer! Yeah, right! 

I couldn't exactly define how I felt when I woke up. But the thought of the Ber-months, particularly here in the Philippines which actually means Christmas time is around the corner, created some sort of an emotional impact on me. Deep inside, there was like a mixture of joy, happiness and excitement but at the same time bothersome. Hmm, seems odd? I simply shrugged it off, but maybe the latter feeling could be attributed to the “oversleeping” last night or maybe the thought that there are still so many pending reports, blog articles and chores to be done or it could also be due to the fact that September is the birthday month of our loving Mom who is in Heaven (and Dad too) with God and could no longer be with us to spend the yuletide celebration. 

Café Macaron at Fairmont Hotel Makati
Café Macaron at Fairmont Hotel Makati (photo was taken last year)

For An Asian Traveler, the Ber-months would mean more fun articles to share with you, more stay-cations and travels to explore, more window shopping for all of us, more cheerful events and more wonderful moments to relish, bringing us back to those days when were like kids, like Peter Pan! Generally the “Ber” months make us happy, no matter what life brings. The Ber months are here to give us an excuse to celebrate with families and friends, and to admire and play with the colors of Christmas with the decors in malls, hotels, and in our homes too! Thus, on behalf of An Asian Traveler, we say, WELCOME “Ber” months!

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