Visiting our Furry Friends at Neko No Jikan (猫の時間) Cat Cafe

We actually had a hard time looking for the place since Japanese address system is completely different from how Western countries work. To make it short, Japanese do it in a reverse order. Anyway, the cafe shop is located in Amerikamura, and on the second floor of a small building. Chimes sounded off as we entered Neko no Jikan cat cafe. Cute and wonderfully bright decors were placed around the tiny restaurant. Japanese staff greeted us but they speak little English. Good thing they have a menu in English. As we perused, we noticed three different sets we can choose from. We pointed out the 1 hour with the kitties + a drink. After that we've been told to wash our hands first before we engage with our furry friends.

We were so excited to see our kitties but as we looked closer we realized most of them were sleeping. There were around seven cats of every type at that time. We wanted badly to play with them but they were not really in the mood. They were like suffering from boredom. hahaha... We didn't blame them. Cats like to sleep a lot and lazing around. Our smile never faded as we were contented just being there. HB and I seemed like proud parents checking over our cute children. :D (I have a video of these cats but I lost my other SD card.)

If you are planning a trip to Osaka and really like or love cats you should consider visiting Neko no Jikan. But if you want to see them just out of curiosity, skip it.


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