The Crown Jewel at City of Dreams!

City of Dreams??? Is it for real?

While we were on a cab on our way home, the driver while pointing his finger to the City of Dreams building with digital display of attractive ads and announcements, inquisitively asked us, “what is it in there?” One of us candidly responded and informed the driver that the said structure is composed of three 5-star hotel brands with the casino as the main character. Further, he asked us if anyone can go inside, which we responded in the positive, impressing to him that he can actually go and see the place without having to shell out funds from his own pocket, in other words, “libre ang tingin”!:-) Ooh, so much about the inquisitive driver!  

June has earlier “blogged” about the City of Dreams-Manila (the 1st City of Dreams is in Macau) as they spent a grand staycation early this year in one of its hotels, the Japanese-inspired Nobu Hotel. (click HERE). FYI, lovely peeps, we don't go to these casino hotels to play games but to divert our attention from the norms that we do on a daily basis. Humility aside, we have been to places where entertainment and casino are the names of the game such as the Las Vegas strip in Nevada, Atlantic City in New Jersey and in Macau, China but we haven't tried their chip rolling business even the people-friendly famous slot machines. Shhhh, just between you and me, we are neither party animals nor alcohol drinkers, we just love good food and enjoy seeing works of art in places such as hotels! Oh yes, we simply wanted to satisfy our curiosity on how amenities and services of so-called luxurious casino hotels fare compared to the rest! Hence, our hotel escapades!

Going back to the City of Dreams (or COD for me), we decided to stay overnight last month at the Crown Towers, the most recent and the 3rd hotel to operate within the City of Dreams premises. 

According to some reviews, the Crown Towers is the most costly but the most delightful among the 3 hotels in the COD, the 2 others namely: The Hyatt and the Nobu Hotel. The hefty price would probably be attributed to its name, where “Crown” and “Towers” symbolize royalty, elegance, dignity, and honor. Oh wow! Now, I can say, was I dreaming at the City of Dreams?

The lobby entrance was impressive! It was peaceful and beautiful at that time, and there was a sweet smell coming from all the fresh flowers in the lobby, which was surprising as casino hotel resorts would sometimes smell of cigarette smoke! 

The first time I entered the hotel room, I was pleased to see it. Descent enough for a Deluxe Queen. I used to stay in hotels which have stellar reputations and one of the best in the world, so the bright and lovely room was not new to me.

Having a hotel staff assisting up to the hotel room was comfortable. And with a platter of fruits to welcome us boosted our moods. 

I loved the white fluffy pillows and the clean sheets, and the hot bath rain shower at night with the signature Lanvin toiletries that I was able to sleep soundly minus the snoring. hehehe

The good night sleep could likewise be attributed to the good food at the Lugang Cafe at the nearby MOA, and the Green Tea Cake and Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers at the Red Ginger of City of Dreams which formed part of our late dinner dessert. 

To recapitulate, our stay at the Crown Towers was so far enjoyable. We shared stories and bits of opinion on so many things the next day that we forgot to take our breakfast, and had to rush to prepare for the check-out time and late lunch and guess where? That would be part of our succeeding blogs!

Was Crown Towers the Jewel at The City of Dreams? Well, lovely peeps, you've got to stay there to believe it!!!

Till next time,
Maven and Mhel

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