Osaka Trip: Ebisubashi-suji and Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Arcades

Ebisubashi and Shinsaibashi are just beside Dotonbori area. These two seemingly endless roofed arcades are the premier and largest shopping centers in the Minami area of Osaka where many boutiques and established stores fully line both sides of the arcades. It is certainly the busiest place and it gets crowded especially late in the afternoon and at night. You can spend an entire day even just browsing from shops to shops.

the bridge provides a link between the Shinsaibashi-suji and Ebisubashi-suji shopping arcades

young women dressed in Yukata inside the Shinsaibashi arcade

Daimaru department store

PachinKo Kyoichi game center

Atariya Pachinko slot machines

inside a Pachinko parlor in Osaka

Pachinko parlors can also be found here. It's a gaming place using a slot machine and pinball. Players must be over 18 to enter a Pachinko parlor. Photography is prohibited inside. I already took a picture when I read the sign. :D We had no plans to play here. We were just curious what's inside so we entered.

You can also enjoy many seasonal events at the shopping arcades. One of them is the "Yukata" (Japanese summer kimono) festival.

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