Osaka Castle or Ōsaka-jō (大阪城)

The current Osaka Castle or Ōsaka-jō (大阪城) is not the original but the third one since the Toyotomi and Tokugawa periods. The castle is popular as a symbol of Osaka, with the main tower set up as a history museum. The museum displays the turbulent history of the Osaka castle such as Ishiyama Honganji Era, under Hideyoshi Toyotomi, reconstruction by the Tokugawa Shogunate, reconstruction of the Main Tower in the Showa period, the age of civil wars and, and many other historical facets are on public display.

exterior of the Osaka Castle

closer look of the Osaka Castle

the view from the observation deck

We were a little bit disappointed that inside of the tower wasn't a typical historical castle we had been expecting. It's more like a museum constructed in the form of a castle. Nevertheless, the castle is air-conditioned and has one elevator up to the fifth floor. The observation deck located on the 8th level offers a stunning view of the whole city, and the museum's proper amount of information will definitely satisfy your historical curiosity. (Sorry for the lousy photos, my other sd card was lost.)

For more information visit the Osaka Castle website >>

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