Marco Polo at its Peak!

A couple of days ago, we hopped in the relatively new Marco Polo Hotel at the center of Ortigas for a one-night stay. One reason, it was a long weekend as Monday was a holiday in commemoration of the National Heroes Day, and another, it was an excuse for us to unwind and welcome the “Ber-months” with our loved ones. Wasn't it grand to greet the month of “September” with a bang? 

As it was my first time at this hotel (it was the second Marco Polo staycation for June and her HB), I was eager to view the inside of this often-visited and well-commented hotel based on wonderful reviews of guests as published in Agoda and TripAdvisor sites.

But lo and behold, what did I find? My exhilaration just faded instantly when I entered the ground floor lobby and the check-in lobby of the hotel which is located on the 24th floor. The said lobbies were jam-packed with people, with a long queue for hotel registration/confirmation, as if there was a “public gathering” or “miting de avance” of some political parties! (Sorry lovely peeps no photos of the said chaotic atmosphere. June took these pictures when no one else was around.)

I just missed seeing and admiring the beauty of the huge and well-designed lobby of the hotel. OMG! Even the hotel ladies staff assisting guests for elevator alone were like confused on whom to assist, just like the confusion on the elevators, as you have to switch in to another elevator to reach your designated room. However, it was not a problem on my part as June's HB was already familiar of the place but it wasn't comforting to know that they were half an hour late to get a room, much more for my other sister's family who has to wait for an available room for over one and a half hours after the check-in time. The wait was too bad for them as they were already tired and have to stay put in June's room! :( They were planning to go out to have some snacks but decided to just order a Double Turkey Burger from the room service.

(P650) Double Turkey Burger on iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, giant pickles, pink mayonnaise, and fries

June may have a very good perception of the hotel especially during their first stay where they booked a Premier Room (click HERE) where the hotel was just newly opened and operational. For them, their first stay at the hotel was memorable, it was like a discovery channel where hotel guests requirements were met, just like the famous Italian explorer from where Marco Polo hotel got its name. 

As I entered the hotel room, the long hallway seemed narrow, maybe due to the impact on the earthy tones of the walls and decors. Nevertheless, the wood-like panels and tiles made it look sturdy and the manly earth tones appeared rich and looked best especially to men. Ladies like me may not appreciate it as I prefer rich pastel yellow and orange colors! 

Superior Room with Twin Bed

The bathroom was brilliant! I love the rain shower and shower head. I heard someone saying that he enjoyed the water gushing out of the rain shower and that it felt soft and good against his skin that he forgot about the time! Oh wow.... 

What I loved most was the Ortigas skyline at night. It was like the Manhattan skyline from the New York West side, that we were tempted to take a cup of tea beside the floor to ceiling glass window. At that time, the streets (near Edsa Shrine) were flooded with cars, traffic was unbelievable as if cars were like toys from our vantage point. There was a demonstration from members of the religious sect Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), expressing their freedom of expression, so to speak! 

the view from our room at night

the view in the morning

We managed to visit the infinity swimming pool area of the hotel. Approaching the pool, we could hear sounds and the way to the pool was already wet. We kind of smell something like a chemical odor, possibly due to chlorine! The pool was crowded, it was like a public or family pool. Thus, we decided to cut it short. 

We had our dinner at the nearby SM Megamall courtesy of one of the family members who treated us at the Tuan-Tuan Chinese Brassiere Restaurant and we availed our complimentary breakfast buffet the following morning at Cucina located on the 24th floor. Food is impressive in variety and taste. (There's no picture of the buffet area since June doesn't like to take photos when it's crowded.)

In summary, the family was delighted during their staycation at this hotel and maybe we will have second thoughts on booking again if Marco Polo Hotel is fully booked or should I say, at its bottom-line peak!

Till next time,
Maven and Mhel

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