Bringing Back The Past: Where's The Century Park Hotel I Used To Love!

While approaching the entrance of the Century Park Hotel, Harrison Plaza Shopping Center side, I noticed that the hotel's door and its surroundings definitely need a major restoration. The said observation was confirmed when I entered the lobby, it was a disappointment to see a “gem” went downhill! The grand lobby which I used to love was nowhere to be seen, it didn’t have anymore the very cool, classy and the faint whiff of a lovely perfume but instead, a slight smell of an old mismanaged building! (Don't be deceived by the nice photo... look closely the dated and faded red carpet, the not so clean and unpolished floor lobby, etc.).

Century Park Hotel Lobby

I have very vivid memories about the Century Park Hotel. Back then, it was considered as a 5-star hotel and one of the renowned and the best in the metropolis. I was relatively young then and just starting my professional career. I used to pass by the hotel and a frequent buyer at the hotel’s Deli Snack which had lots of bread selection to choose from and I can guarantee you their breads were always made fresh and tasted good! Likewise, the hotel was like a second home “office” to me. My “principals” would tag me along to official business meetings be it a breakfast, luncheon or after office work-related discussions and if not at the office, it was most often held at the said hotel. It was conducive on our part as the hotel was just a stone’s throw away from our office. 

So, you would probably understand me now why my excitement to visit the hotel after more than a decade turned out to be anticlimactic. 

Well, well so much for the disappointing part. I had a reason to be in the said hotel because of an invitation of one of my kins who happened to celebrate a “debut” anniversary of their wedding. They got a 3-day, 2-night complimentary stay at the hotel (Sorry lovely peeps, I didn’t had the chance to ask how she was able to get one). She invited some of us to spend lunch with them at the hotel’s Chinese restaurant named "The New Century Seafood Restaurant", and that would be the next subject of our blog about this hotel! 

So far, the complimentary room which was provided to them was slightly refurbished, a one bedroom with 2 queen beds. Even with renovation, the interiors of the room still need improvement. The room appeared clean and decent enough for a 2-night staycation. 

With the “free” of charge stay at the hotel, you couldn’t ask for more! But still, I would join others to “shout out” to the hotel owners to make it up for the lost “elegance” and upgrade the “tired” and “old” look of a once renowned Century Park Hotel. I just hope next time I hopped in the Century Park hotel, it would be another memorable one!

Till next time,

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