Kobe, Japan

Kobe, the port city, is a town with mountains, a wide ocean view and an exotic international atmosphere. Unfortunately, we were not able to explore the city completely because HB's main purpose was to really visit his Japanese friend who lives in Kobe. Since we had limited time we only walked around the harbor land focusing on a few highlights.

kobe port tower and yamato 1
Kobe Port Tower and Yamato 1
yamato 1
Yamato 1: Superconducting Electromagnetic Propulsion Boat
kobe port tower
Kobe Port Tower: the landmark tower of the port city of Kobe

tsl techno super liner
1/6th scale version of "Hayate" Techno Super Liner TSL-F

hotel okura
Hotel Okura Kobe

kobe maritime museum
Kobe Maritime Museum

duck tour taiko
Duck Tour Taiko
duck tour taiko

mikage station
Hanshin Railway Hikage Station

sannomiya center street

Kobe Merikenpark Harbor: Mosaic Ferris Wheel and Concerto Cruise Ship

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