♨ Soga Miga 소가미가 , The Taste of Korea

Actually the birthday celebration didn't stop at Cafe Juanita, we decided to move on to another place called Soga Miga The Taste of Korea. The restaurant was a bit chaotic that night but we had no problem finding a seat. It's not a fancy place but they serve authentic Korean dishes at wallet-friendly prices. That's probably the reason why many Koreans eat here.

molito alabang

The Neugansal Rib Finger Steak was good served with lettuce wraps and lots of side dishes.
korean food
Neugansal Rib Finger Steak (Php 500.00)
korean food
side dishes
korean food
side dish: egg
korean food
side dish: salad

You won't smell like barbecue because every table has its own exhaust tubes, which is pulled down towards the table top grill to eliminate smoke.

alabang molito

 The Chin Mandu steamed dumpling was a surprise. It was tasty and huge - about the same size as a deck of cards. :)
korean food
Chin mandu (Steamed Dumplings) Php 300.00

While having a heavy meal we asked for their free house tea in order to aid digestion.

alabang molito

All in all the experience was alright. Soga Miga is great for groups and late night dining. They have private dining rooms which is great for diners who want some privacy.

Soga Miga Korean Restaurant is located in Alabang Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

       Heart Rate:
  • Food
  • Ambiance
  • Service  
  • Value

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