From Tokyo to Osaka

Taking a taxi was the most convenient way for us to go to the Tokyo station. It always amazes me to see the Japanese taxi drivers. Most of them are wearing black suits or long sleeves with white gloves. Very neat! They are predominantly to be older men or retired workers. But take note majority of them do not speak English. So be prepared.

While we were waiting for our train at the Tokyo station I noticed these employees vowing to commuters. Japanese are known for politeness and honorifics.

Our transition from Tokyo to Osaka was a breeze. Train ticket was 14,650 Yen per adult (around Php 6,000). The scenery for most of the trip consists of houses, buildings, trees and verdant grasses.
tokyo station
Delica Station: a convenience store at the Tokyo station
Shinkansen Japanese high speed bullet train
interior of Shinkansen train

The ride itself was comfortable and we were totally amazed at the wonderful variety of our Ekiben (bento box meal) we purchased on the train.
bento box
meat bento box
seafood bento box

Two hours later we arrived at the Shin-Osaka station. Took another train to Shinsaibashi station on Midosuji subway line, headed to North A stairway and Exit #2 into Crysra Nagahori underground walkway and exited in South #3 and soon we found ourselves in front of Best Western Hotel where we booked for 7 days / 6 nights..

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