Akihabara: Electronic, Anime and Manga Town

We took the train from Tokyo Skytree Station to Ueno Station and set out on foot to explore Akihabara. Akihabara is a district in central Tokyo that is well-known for its numerous electronic shops and establishments devoted to anime and manga, video games, figurines, card games and other collectibles. We strolled along taking random photos and just visited a few shops along the way.

Here you will also find many young women wearing frilly French maid costume handing out brochures or just roaming around the street. They are maid cafe waitresses trying to entice customers into their cafe shops. I saw a cute Akiba maid with pink ribbon in her hair and carries a tiny teddy bear bag. I got so excited I instantly took a photo of her but she shielded her face from the camera. I just noticed the "no photo/no video" sign she was holding while I was editing this picture. Gomennasai!

Akky specializes in tax free goods and sells a variety of electronic items

JR Akihabara Station
Labi Akihabara just across of JR Akihabara station specializing in personal computers, pc accessories and household electronics
far right is the Laox main store - the largest comprehensive duty-free store

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