Birthday Month Simple Celebration

It was a simple celebration :party for my birthday month with family at P.F. Chang's in Alabang. And tucked into a Chinese set meal called ARMY of 15. We opted for the SET C (P8,950) consisting of:
- Chang's Chicken Noodle Soup (Chang's version of the classic with fresh shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, rice pin noodles,and cilantro in a spicy chicken broth)
- Salt and Pepper Calamari (tender strips of Calamari lightly dusted and tossed with salt and pepper mix and green onions served with a dipping sauce). Sorry, no photo.
- Lo Mien (stir-fried egg noodles with mushrooms, bean sprouts, jicama, carrots, celery and onions)
- Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (juicy shrimp velveted in white wine sauce with Chinese black beans, mushrooms, scallions and egg)
- Mandarin Chicken (sliced chicken breast , snow peas, carrots, jicama, broccoli, black beans in a spicy sauce)
- P. F. Chang's Fried Rice (wok-fried rice blended with egg, soy, carrots, bean sprouts and sliced scallions)
- and Grilled Angus Flank Steak (marinated sliced US Angus Flank Steak, grilled to perfection served with a sweet and savory side of grilled hoisin glazed peaches and Chinese eggplant)

We also save a room for the delightful desserts such as Great Wall of Chocolate Cake and Banana Spring Rolls. Everything we tried was delicious. :tup Jasmine and Tamarind Iced Teas were also included. I especially remember when cake was brought to our table and my family sang "Happy Birthday" song. :e

semi-private dining room
Atmosphere was pretty crammed inside the restaurant on a Sunday noon, all were celebrating the Father's Day. Good thing, I was able to make a reservation the day before and requested a private dining room. However, this area was poorly air-conditioned but bearable, though.

with family at ATC
Thank you for all your birthday greetings, chocolate cakes, pancit and fruits brought to our home. :h Special mention to my sister Ate R for the hearty "sniff kisses" :k on my cheeks which I really like.  Because it reminds me of my dearest Mom. And most of all to my HB for the special treat. :L

 Note: I apologize for not updating my blog, just been busy lately.

Till next time... toodles,

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