Little Snippets of Happiness 2: Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis PM and Marie-Lou Long

Hello lovely peeps! I hope you aren't sick of the food photos here. :) Just thought I'd share a little look into what I've got a few months back. I received these two lovely Louis Vuitton boxes from my super generous HB. 

Luckily, I had the freedom to choose and been debating on whether to get this Alma Vernis PM handbag in Indian Rose or Grand Bleu. But apparently I'm comfortable with the darker one.

Some people say it's for everyday use, but not for me. It's not a sort of thing I could carry often enough to travel with it, but I'm so taken with this shiny Monogram Vernis leather. It looks classic and the size is definitely ideal which I really like.

As for the wallet, I've got a Marie-Lou Long in Mimosa. I love the unique balance of Epi leather and monogram canvas. Plus the Mimosa color is divine.

This painting I've used as a backdrop was also a gift. It's titled Nolan's Landscape from Raul Isidro, a Filipino contemporary artist and one of the country's most successful modern abstract painters. 

If you're interested any of his artworks you can visit his website

Till next time... toodles,

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  1. Ano ba yan ang dami naman bago ang gaganda ng mga bag na yan baka naman puede nang ipamigay ang ibang bag na nakatago dyan para naman makita ng mundo. Hehehe i would be more than willing to have it.