Reminiscing our Cebu trip: Food Hopping

On our last day, we spent out time food hopping. Casa Verde was recommended to us and we were so enthusiastic to try out this restaurant. It's just a walking distance from Diplomat Hotel but we had a hard time looking for this place, which is tucked away on hidden streets.

escaping the sun's heat while looking for casa verde
Casa Verde is a Spanish word for "green house", so I was looking forward to binge on Spanish fare. But it turns out to be an American-style casual dining restaurant. The Ramos branch used to be one of the family's ancestral homes.

at last we found casa verde

We ordered the Casa Verde all time best sellers - Brian's Ribs (baked pork ribs with a sweet tangy piquet sauce served with rice, corn and carrots) and Peter's Pork Steak (grilled pork steak, lightly seasoned and and served with vegetable medley and harvest rice). We also tried watermelon salad (a combination of watermelon cubes, served over crisp lettuce, mango strips, jicama and nuts, drizzled with sesame seed dressing), Tricia Ala Pobre (grilled fish fillet topped with garlic bits together with rice and vegetable medley) and Choco Banana Shakes. Everything was satisfying and delicious.

L-R (1st row): watermelon salad, tricia ala pobre and brian's rib. (2nd row) peter's pork steak, pineapple juice and iced tea, choco banana shakea
They say if you're in Cebu, it's not complete without the Lechon experience We finally made our way to Zubochon Restaurant located at One Mango Mall in Mango Avenue. The food was certainly nothing we expected, but what counts was that we got the opportunity to try Zubochon's lechon dubbed as "the best pig ever" by world class chef/traveler//food critic Anthony Boardain. (Sorry folks there's no photo of the said lechon as I accidentally deleted it.) :(

In our opinion, the best and most affordable lechon can be found somewhere in Opon, Lapu Lapu City after the old Mactan Bridge, which is dotted with lechon stalls. It's super yummy that you don't need a sauce. 

We rested for a while at the hotel and packed our things to collect later. Then we went to Mae Krua just beside the hotel located at F. Ramos (Pelaez Extension). This tiny restaurant has exciting selections of authentic Thai cuisine and everything we ordered was all quite satisfying.

We enjoyed the variety of delightful food offerings without emptying our pockets. And wandering around the city with my sister, bro-in-law and HB made this trip remarkably memorable.

Reminiscing our Cebu Trip (2013): Diplomat Hotel
Reminiscing our Cebu Trip: A do-it-yourself walking tour
Did we survive the Skywalk Extreme?

Till next time... toodles,

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