Kimono Ken

I've mentioned about Kimono Ken in my previous post. We had our dinner here together with HB and my sister after grocery shopping. Kimono Ken is a Japanese restaurant and they offer contemporary and fusion menu. There were quite a number of Japanese dishes but we decided to go with Gyudon, Katsudon and Chicken Teriyaki Roll. But my stomach was stuffed from Manna's sandwich so I gave the rest to HB.

Chicken Teriyaki Roll P180 -  Chicken teriyaki, mango, lettuce with sesame seeds 
Gyudon P250 - Thinly sliced beef with veggies in donburi sauce
Katsudon P250 - Deep fried breaded porkloin mixed with egg
Green Tea Jelly P120
We were all quite pleased with our meal and (hot & cold) service tea. :) For dessert, we had a bite of the Green Tea Jelly ice cream. I was hooked and wanted more. Kimono Ken's atmosphere was fine, the service likewise.

Till next time... toodles,

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