Did we survive the Skywalk Extreme?

Luckily, yes! We dragged ourselves on a night adventure to the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. We were all curious about the Skywalk Extreme but my sister Ate R. and I were both scared shitless. I even got pangs of anxiety just thinking about it. So we really had no plan walking around the main outer rim of the tower with translucent glass flooring on the 37th floor (126.55 meters above the ground).

just to give you an idea how high
skywalk extreme waiting area
ticket and photo booth

However, seeing a lot of people signing up for this little adventure made me change my mind. I tried to convince my sister to go with us but she sticks to be a scaredy-cat. I seriously tried to embrace my inner Lara Croft and mustered my courage to sign up the waiver. I have no fear of heights. But I'm afraid of strong winds, it suffocates me. Thank God, the weather was fine.

here we are feeling the excitement with this adrenaline pumping adventure activity
I have no fear of heights. I'm tough! :)
As soon as I caught a glimpse of the stunning panoramic view of the city I could feel my tension roll away. And I ended up being much audacious than the two guys. :D Thankfully, we managed to get it out alive and it was one heck of a remarkable time!
bragging our skywalk extreme certificates :)
 Crown Regency offers several adventures such as edge coaster, paramount climbing wall, sky lift, tower zip and cliff hanger. You can check out the rates and schedules here.
edge coaster
sky observatory and edge coaster lobby area
sky observatory with its coin-operated telescopes located at the 38th floor
We took a taxi and ended our night at The Ching Palace Restaurant located in Salinas Drive, Lahug. We met up with my niece's friend who was studying in Cebu.

It was already late at night  so we were literally just five people dining here. Good, it was like we rented the whole place. Nevertheless, a great excuse to get our tummies on flavorsome Chinese dishes after the Skywalk Extreme.

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Till next time... toodles,

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