At last I got my CFDA tote bag two weeks ago, but haven't got round to posting it. I bought it on eBay for $35. It's made of cotton canvas and comes with authenticity certificate card. I'm so thrilled with it! I can definitely see myself carrying this bag until it's worn out. :)

interior features cellphone pouch and another pouch pocket

As I have mentioned in my previous post the "You Can't fake Fashion Bag" was launched to raise awareness against counterfeit goods. We all know that counterfeiters are thieves because they steal company's intellectual property rights and don't pay taxes.

Speaking of counterfeit, I'm not fascinated with replica designer handbags. I would rather buy unbranded bag than shell out hundreds of pesos for fake purses. Carrying a fake bag is like showing off and giving a false impression. Not only these are made from low quality materials with poor workmanship, but buying counterfeit goods often contributes to human trafficking and child labor. Yes folks, these are the alarming truth. We really should take into consideration the bigger picture here.

Being stylish or fashionable does not have to be expensive. If you have a restricted shopping budget, there are plenty of chic-looking unbranded bags and authentic pre-owned bags available in the market at a much affordable price tag; you just need to choose the one that really suit for you and your personality.

However, if money is not an issue and you can afford, then by all means go for it and splurge on drool-worthy authentic luxury handbags. To be stylish and indulge in luxury once in a while is not a sin. ;)

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