I have been eyeing these exquisite babies every time I visit the Louis Vuitton official website, but couldn't muster up enough courage to spend a fortune on one of these luxury purses.

Anyway, can I just share this good news?

It was on a Wednesday afternoon that I went into panic mode knowing that this dream would soon become a reality. My generous benefactor absolutely overwhelmed me not only one but two adorable Louis Vuitton handbags that he purchased at Louis Vuitton Greenbelt, Makati. I am beyond ecstatic that I was literally on the verge of tears like a little child, seriously.

LOUIS VUITTON: Odeon GM and Palermo GM

Here's a cute video featuring my LV photos

I own a few designer bags but this purchase was very special to me. The Louis Vuitton classic handbag has always been my dream.

I'm not a high maintenance wife. :) Big or small I am always grateful for every good thing that comes my way.

But right now, let me just say I'm feeling pretty spoiled, really really spoiled! ;)

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  1. I have to say I am soooo jealous! The most expensive bag I'd ever bought myself is a Celine and it was only about a thousand pesos. Wow you really are spoiled girl!

  2. Ohhh LV bags are gorgeous! I also got a Louis Vuitton and Givenchy bags last week - a gift from my husband. :)

  3. In love with your LV bags. And envious, too.


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