A couple weeks ago, we had a simple family gathering to celebrate our mom's birthday at my elder sister's house. Yes, we do celebrate the birthday of our mom although she was already gone. For us, it's a perfect way to keep her memory alive and a great opportunity to bring our family together. On that Sunday, it was all about enjoying food, chilling and chit chatting with the family. But most of our time was spent watching DVD concert titled Hit Man Returns, a one-night only concert by David Foster and his famous friends. And to my kuya, thanks for giving away this awesome DVD concert.

Here are some of my favorites.

Jackie Evancho - O Mio Babbino Caro

Lara Fabian - Caruso

Filipino singer Charice Pempengco

We did a lunch potluck which is very common among Filipinos. Here are some photos of our simple but yummy lunch.

On a fashion note, to get ready for the simple occasion, I went for a roll up camp shirts and dark jeans attire. I usually prefer for a mannish look but I felt a bit adventurous that day so I added some feminine touches. With a vibrant touch of Fuchsia in it, I picked up my Prada canapa righe tote.

And I finally embraced the idea of wearing my Lucky Brand crocheted upper shoes. Although I was a bit hesitant of wearing a 3-inch wedge, these girly shoes are actually quite comfortable and light weight.

On a side note, let me tell you something embarrassing happened that day. As we were crossing the street to my sister's house I just suddenly tripped and my knees instantly slammed to the ground so hard. Boy oh boy! Fortunately my reflexes were fast enough to thrust out my hands to grab some support otherwise I would have been in worse shape. Good thing, my nephew and niece were walking beside me who immediately helped me up. I've still got some bruises and swollen on my knees but getting a little bit better every day.

Take care, everyone!

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