I got the chance to wear my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell, The Earnest Navy Calf last weekend when we went to Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. The 4-inch rubber wedge heel is a little bit too high for me but I can manage. I was like 5'9 wearing those heels, and I felt self-conscious towering over HB. This pair had just been marked down for less than US$100 and I purchased them immediately a few months ago.

I'm always comfortable in my wedge shoes without socks. (Sorry for the quality of this photo, I just used my ordinary camera.)

But the next morning I decided to pair it with my Old Navy printed socks.

I tried this look 'coz wedges and heels with socks have been the biggest shoe trend to hit the fashion world since last year. A pretty pairing, right?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)

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  1. Nice and cool stuff! I was amazed you managed to wear it! Hats off! Keep up the fashionable lifestyle, you can afford to live up to it anyway! Warm regards....

  2. Hi myusefultips,

    Not really. I can't afford the high-end branded goods so I look for the cheaper ones. The JC was marked down, so I couldn't pass.


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