Walking down the Ximending area, we had seen myriad of food stalls along the road selling peculiar selection of drinks and snacks such as the Phallus-shaped Gayke, which I posted a few days ago. Another interesting snack we came across was a white tropical vegetable displayed for sale outside a shop.

I was immediately drawn to it 'coz it was something I had never seen before. This kicked my curiosity, and I eagerly told HB that we had to stop in.

I found out later that it was indeed a white bitter gourd, which is not commonly seen in the Philippines (we only have the bitter green ones). What's more interesting, the store is making juices out of this veggie.

So, when I get the chance to try something unfamiliar, I take it! I could feel the sweet taste in the beverage and it provided a slightly bitter aftertaste. Though I wasn't a big fan of this, HB enjoyed it. Anyway, I'm still glad I took the chance just to savor the experience. Plus, this would definitely appeal to health conscious consumers as it has excellent medicinal virtues.

The shop owner was pleased when she saw us snapping photos of her little store, and she was kind enough to let me borrow a white bitter gourd so I could enjoy my super quick photo moment. Thank you madam! :)

Small gestures like that always make me super delighted. How nice of her! Unlike the man manning his pancake stall who seemed cold and unfriendly. Well, more on that in my next post.

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