1. As of January 14, 2010 at 4:58 AM, HB received a reply through email by the name of Rehan (Aldo's customer service), "Unfortunately, sending it back to our head office is the only option for you at this time".

2. I posted on Aldo Facebook wall notifying them my blog link.

3. January 18: I received a reply from Aldo Shoes on Facebook. "Hi An Asian Traveler, We're really sorry to hear about your experience and it's obviously not acceptable. Unfortunately, we can't do more on Facebook due to privacy issues. We can only ask that you contact Customer Service so this can be sorted out. "

4. As of January 18, 2010 at 4:19am, I check Aldo's online store and the Ketner shoes Dark Brown was removed on their site.

Even if you say return policy is lifetime (or until the second coming of Christ as what HB said), returning these shoes is NOT AN OPTION. So, please STOP telling me that. And how many times do I have to say that the item is already in the PHILIPPINES and I have to pay around US$60 for shipping fee. If I return these, it's like I'm buying another pair of Ketner shoes. Do you get my point?

I know that $70 is just a penny or nothing to you Aldo, but it is a fortune to me. Not only that, you DECEIVED and MISLED me for giving me an item that is nowhere to be found online. I repeat, you sold me an item that was not as pictured on your website. That is misleading merchandising.

I deserve a better option. NO. Let me rephrase that, I demand to get the BEST SOLUTION and SERVICE from you ALDO.

January 19, 2010 at 7:35am:
I check again Aldo's online store, the Ketner shoes Dark Brown is back but they posted now a different picture. It's the same color they gave to me. That means they were selling online the WRONG Ketner shoes dark brown on their website for a long time. Take note, we bought these shoes last November 2010. And they just updated their site now (January 19, 2011) because someone is blogging it? That is sheer negligence, carelessness and incompetence!

We'd been exchanging emails with their several customer service reps for more than a week, and no one seems to really care. Most of their replies were "copy/paste" frigging company's return policy, and their famous line "return policy is unlimited". If they just take the time and effort to explain it to us and admit their mistake, I would have stopped. That being said, this only means they have poor quality of service.

Aldo, please remember, when a customer comes to you with a complaint, LISTEN TO THEM. It allows you to find out what the problems are with your business, and solve them immediately and it will help keep all customers satisfied.

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  1. That's a sticky position there. YES, it's not always easy dealing with those customer service people when they could promise sweet things to induce sales. I would be as frustrated and furious if I were to bear that much cost to ship it back all because of their mistakes.

    Sorry to hear about your circumstance.


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