I first got a taste of Royce chocolate a few years back from a friend of HB. It was love at first bite.

Nama Chocolates are neatly wrapped in an insulated packaging with some ice packs

A few months back I was craving for it. So, to satiate my sweet tooth, I requested HB to buy some at Greenbelt 5.

Here are some of the Royce chocolates I tried.

My personal favorite is the Royce Nama Bitter (Php 580.00)♥♥. The flavor is best quality semi-sweet and not very bitter. It's a fine, delicate combination of selected chocolate and fresh cream with a hint of prestige liqueurs. Plus it literally melts in your mouth. Uh-mm... savoring each bite. :)



They have five kinds of Nama chocolate - Au Lait, White, Champagne, Bitter and Mild Cacao.

On a very important note, Dark or Bittersweet chocolate has a great source of antioxidants. Just consume it in moderation of course. ;)

I feel in love with Orange Petit Truffle chocolate (Php 450.00)♥♥ as well. It's a chocolate with orange liqueur and bitter orange peel delicately intertwined and powdered with cocoa. It tastes really good!



Macadamia Chocolate (Php 690.00): It's an aromatic macadamia nuts wrapped in chocolate and topped with cocoa powder.



Chocolate Wafers (Php 540.00): Crunchy chocolate wafers with hazelnut cream and premium chocolate coating.



Nama Champagne Chocolate Php 580.00


This best selling chocolate has been around since 1983 founded in Sapporo, Japan.

Royce Chocolate has been a favorite treat or as "pasalubong" (present) of most Filipino travelers for years. However, there's no need for a trip to Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan to get a fix of this chocolate. Royce' is already available in Manila.

Royce' Branches:
Royce Power Plant
Level 3, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center

Royce Greenbelt 5
Level, Greenbelt 5
Greenbelt Complex

Royce Trinoma
Level 3, Trinoma

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  1. Royce is love... I love it!!!

  2. Hi rich,
    Hope you'll have loads of Royce. :))

  3. I like royce nama. Yummylicious!

  4. Hi trixie,
    Nama is really yummy.:) nom nom nom