I'll be on vacation and won't be posting for a few days. Take care everyone! ;)

Meanwhile, here are two funny Japanese videos that I hope all of you will enjoy. :))

Inside the classroom where the contestants got paddled if they laugh. Watch the man reading.

Funny MRI scene.

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  1. erm save journey and have fun ya!! yeah the video clips... had seen them before when i was in japan...funny!

  2. hahaha funny funny. Thanks for sharing these videos. have a nice trip.

  3. (✬._.✬)Hello, my blog site had been idled for a couple of months now. And I am sure that I am BACK.
    Care to visit my newest post, THANK YOU!

  4. Hi June! Enjoy your vacation!!
    Funny videos!!

    Curious about Halicarnassus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!!


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