Blessings come to us in so many ways.

The last time I saw Faith, my niece, was at SM Mall of Asia. (Don't worry my dear, I won't divulge any more details. My lips are sealed! hehe...)

After two years had passed, I found her on Facebook. As we all know millions of people around the world are now actively using Facebook. So, it's easy to find your long lost friends, classmates and relatives. That's the beauty of this social network site.

Ah... it seems it was just yesterday that she was a college student. And now, after successfully passing and conquering the NCLEX-RN exam, she's extremely excited to be able to work as a Nurse in California. My, how time flies! (Peeps, now you know I'm old, but not that super old, okay? hahaha... I even have a niece who is seven years older than me.) Perhaps her dream of becoming a nurse was influenced by her parents who are both physicians (her father by the way is my first cousin).


Being a good and responsible eldest daughter, her parents bought her the best gift that she deserves - a Mini Cooper car! What's more, she also passed the test and got her driver's license last month.

her new baby



her first choice

Singing is her forte and she has been a church/school choir in the past. There's no doubt, she'll be a great "singing nurse" in the future. haha (Am I right, Faith?) With her natural talent and great outlook on life, surely this pretty lass will go a long way.

Recently her younger sister, Hope, also won their school beauty contest "Miss Panther" pageant. According to Faith, after weeks of hard work— buying cloths for her costume and sewing it, buying materials for her props, choreographing the steps for her ethnic dance, begging people to help cheer for her, making her feel beautiful both inside and out— everything paid off.

Congrats Hope! :)

Indeed, when God gives blessings, it pours. One can be surprised by the greatness of how abundance and how endless HIS blessings are. And I guess God pours into us so that we can pour into others. LIKE A RIPPLE EFFECT.
May the feast of Christ's Resurrection, be a time of health, joy and blessing for all of us and our family filled with hope, strength and a vibrant new life.

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday! Have a great week ahead everyone. :)

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  1. Wish you Happy Easter June! Lovely testimony of your nieces and you must be very proud of them ;)

  2. Hello Ben, what's up? Glad to see you back and thank you for stopping by. Yes, I'm a proud aunt.:) I just wish all my nieces and nephews will be successful in life and share their blessings with others, especially to those who are in need.

  3. Happy first visit to your blog..really nice one u have here..enjoyed reading the article!!

  4. wow mini cooperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    mall of asia!! hihihi i wanna see the sunset there again... anyway happy easter

  5. Hi June, sorry I'm been busy with work for the pass few months. Yes, you're indeed a proud aunt of your two nieces... I feel your joy as it is reflecting in your post dedicated to them... they are real blessed with a wonderful aunt in you ;)

  6. I´m really impressed with your blog. It´s full of interesting things and have so many widgets to look at. I invite you to mine.

  7. Hi Arti and Gonzalo,
    thanks for stopping by. hope to see you here again. :)

  8. Hi Ben,
    Thank you. I'm touched.:)

    Hi Fufu,
    It seems you really had a wonderful time at MOA.:)


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